eCommerce Hosting- 9 Factors You Must Consider (Proven)

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In this article, I will tell you 9 factors that you must consider before signing up with an eCommerce Hosting provider for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular shopping cart software for WordPress.

We have set up many eCommerce stores, specifically WooCommerce ones that run on the WordPress platform. This has given us a wealth of experience in this field and I am going to share this information with you in this article.

At the end of this article, I will give you a list of eCommerce hosting providers recommended for WordPress by who are the official developers of the WordPress platform.

Secure Payment Gateways

The first factor you must consider is how Secure the payment gateways provided by the eCommerce hosting provider you are considering signing up with are. A payment gateway is software that acts as the conduit between your online store and the bank that authorizes or declines payments from your customers to you or vice versa in the case of refunds. For the safety of your clients and your money, these payment gateways must be very secure. It is therefore very important when signing up for an eCommerce Hosting account to only choose a web hosting company that provides very secure payment gateways for their clients.

Customizable Shopping Cart Software

The second thing you must consider when signing up for an eCommerce hosting account is how customizable the shopping cart applications that the account is compatible with are. You should only settle for a shopping cart application that is customizable and therefore does not limit your imagination as far as its design and functionality are concerned. WooCommerce meets all these requirements.

Type of Storage Disks

The third factor that you must consider is whether the storage disks used in the servers that hold the account you’re thinking of buying are SSD or HDD. SSD are faster than HDD. For the purpose of attaining faster load speeds on your e-Commerce web pages and therefore having a better chance of retaining visitors in your online store, only settle for servers that use SSD.

SSL Certificates

The fourth factor you must consider before settling for an eCommerce hosting account is whether the account comes with a free SSL Certificate. Though you can buy an SSL certificate separately after paying for the account, a free one is better because it saves you money and it’s assured to be compatible with everything in your account. Having an SSL certificate for your site also boosts your trust among clients and your ranking in Google search results.

Domain Privacy and Protection

The fifth factor you must consider is whether the eCommerce Hosting account you’re thinking of signing up for comes with domain privacy and protection. Domain Privacy and protection removes your personal details from the publicly accessible WHOIS repository. This protects you from spam and scammers.

Automatic Installations and Updates

The sixth factor that you must consider is whether the eCommerce hosting account you are considering buying has automatic installations and updates enabled. To avoid errors that could happen when an installation is being done by a person who might have trouble doing it manually, automatic installation of the e-Commerce platform in use must be enabled. Automatic updates for the same e-Commerce platform and all its components must also be enabled in the account.

Automatic Backups and Easy Restorations

There is nothing worse than losing your e-Commerce store and all the customer orders and communication in it. To avoid that, the seventh factor you must consider is whether the eCommerce hosting account you’re planning to buy has automatic backups enabled. A good account must have regular, scheduled, automatic backups enabled. Quick and easy restoration of the same backups must be enabled too.

Bandwidth Allowed

The eighth factor that you must consider is the amount of bandwidth that comes with the eCommerce hosting account you’re considering buying. It would be bad for your business if you were to drive buyer traffic to your online store only for your site to shut down after you exhaust your allocated bandwidth. For that reason, you must only settle for accounts that come with unlimited bandwidth.

Dedicated IP Address

The ninth factor that you must consider is whether the eCommerce hosting account you are considering buying comes with a shared or a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP Address comes with many advantages over a shared IP Address. Having a dedicated IP Address makes sure that you don’t share server resources with other websites. This allows your website to handle high-volume traffic with ease. It also eliminates the risk of your online store getting infected by harmful scripts that may run on other websites that share the same server as your online store. Google also gives the content of your online store a better ranking if it has a dedicated IP address.


At the beginning of this article, I promised to give you a list of web hosting providers recommended by are the official developers of the WordPress platform on which WooCommerce runs. This makes them the foremost authority on matters WordPress and therefore the most reliable organization to tell us WordPress Hosting providers and thereby the best hosting providers for WooCommerce because it runs on WordPress.

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  2. DREAMHOST – Click HERE to visit DreamHost’s official website.

Below are links to several websites that are owned by, the company that develops WooCommerce, and other highly rated WordPress plug-ins that enhance the operations of WordPress websites including e-Commerce stores that run on WooCommerce.

  1. – Click HERE to visit the website
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  3. Jetpack – Click HERE to visit the Jetpack website
  4. WP Job Manager – Click HERE to visit the WP Job Manager website.

Please click on the links and see for yourself what they have to offer.

I have come to the end of my article. Thank you for reading it, I hope the information I gave you here will be of help to you.