What is a domain name?

What is a domain name? You might have heard the term domain name and wondered what it means. A domain name is the address of your website that people enter into their browser address bar to visit your website. Every website has one.

It consists of 2 parts – a top-level domain (examples include .com, .org, and .gov), and a second-level domain name (the suffix) that your registrar assigns you, such as www.example.com (the domain name ‘www’ is known as the subdomain).

A domain name is the first step when working on any website or web app.

Most web surfers have probably forgotten what a domain name used to be called in the early days of the internet. Domain names were once referred to as “internet addresses” or “web addresses”, but today domain names are commonly referred to as simply “domains”.

This website’s domain name is “eashopper.com

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