WordPress Hosting – 10 Proven Things You Must Consider

Hello, I have been designing websites for more than fifteen years and I have used many web hosting companies through that period. In this article, I am going to talk about ten, very important things that I have learned so far, that you must consider before settling on a host for your WordPress site or blog.

Whenever I have implemented these ten factors when choosing a host for my or our clients’ websites or blogs, I have avoided a lot of trouble that comes with choosing the wrong WordPress hosting providers. Consider them when doing the same and I promise that you will not regret your choice of web hosting companies.

At the end of this article, I will give you a list of two of the only three WordPress Hosting companies recommended by WordPress.org, the developer of the WordPress platform, and therefore the organization whose recommendation carries the most weight where WordPress Hosting is concerned.

The company providing you with WordPress Hosting for your website or blog should provide everything needed to effectively create, manage and grow your website in the easiest way possible. Here at EaShopper.Com, we have tested many web hosts for the purpose of coming up with a proven list of things that everyone should consider when signing up for a WordPress hosting account.

The following are the ten most important things to consider when choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress site or blog.


WordPress Hosting especially shared hosting should not be as expensive as dedicated hosting. Most shared hosting companies charge less than $5 per month. The only reason the cost should go any higher is if there are extra features that come with the package, that are not included in most of the other similar web hosting packages. These charges should ideally not exceed $10 per month.

Storage space

Most hosting companies limit the amount of storage space they allocate their hosting plans. But that should not be an issue for most people because most new websites don’t contain too much data. That said, a WordPress Hosting plan that offers anything above 500 MB storage space for less than $5 per month should be okay.

Automatic Installations and updates

Automatic installation of the WordPress platform and its themes and plugins is very important because not all users know how to install it manually. To avoid making mistakes during installation, pick a WordPress Hosting provider that offers automatic installation. The hosting plan should also come with the option of enabling automatic updates. This makes sure that themes and plugins in your website stay up to date without necessarily requiring you to manually update them.

SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate encrypts sensitive information being entered on your website. This information could be credit card details and identity card numbers among other similarly sensitive information. The SSL Certificate helps in securing your site against hackers who would steal such information and use it to defraud you or visitors to your site. Most SSL Certificates are commercial, meaning you need to pay for them in order to use them on your website. But nowadays, any serious WordPress Hosting provider gives clients free SSL Certificates. So, to save on costs, choose a host that will offer you a free certificate.

Domain names

To have a website, you need a domain name. Usually, when setting up a website, you buy a domain name separately and hosting separately. Nowadays, domain names are cheap to buy and some providers of WordPress Hosting give a free domain name for the first year to new clients. My advice is that owners of new websites should choose web hosting providers that offer free domain names for new accounts for the first year. This helps the owners of new websites to save on the initial costs of setting up the website.

Free Themes

The most important part of a website where its general look is concerned is the theme. There are free themes and commercial themes. Commercial ones can be expensive. For a new website, a WordPress hosting provider should give clients hosting plans that come with both free and premium themes. Before settling on a provider, make sure that they have free themes to save on initial website setup costs in case you are running on a limited budget or the website you are creating doesn’t actually need a commercial theme.

Number of allowed add-on domains, parked domains, and sub-domains

Some people would like to set up more than one website but they may not be in a position, or may not prefer to have those multiple websites under different accounts. In that case, it’s best if they sign up with hosting providers that allow the setting up of multiple websites or blogs under one account by use of add-on domains.

For the purpose of avoiding confusion among people looking for a particular domain name, some people buy multiple domain names, mostly similar-sounding ones, and point them to the primary domain. For example, if your primary domain name is mycompany.com, you can also buy mycompany.net and mycompany.org and then point the two extra domains to your primary one. If you would like to do that, you should choose a web hosting company that allows the presence of multiple parked domains in their plans.

In some cases, website owners prefer to create many independent mini-sites to make up the main site. The mini-sites can be accessed via URLs that read something like blog.mycompany.com, mail.mycompany.com etc. Such mini-sites are created using sub-domains. For anyone who would like to have such an arrangement, it would be good to choose a WordPress hosting provider that allows the creation of sub-domains in their accounts.

Data Security

There are many features in a WordPress site that enhance its security. Among them are the SSL Certificates and automatic updates that I talked about earlier. Other features that help in securing your website and the data in it are backups. Your WordPress hosting provider should ensure automatic backups in several remote locations to ensure that if any data is lost in one location, it can be recovered from another.

A hosting provider that provides free or commercial antivirus is also preferable. The antivirus comes in handy in the fight against hackers. The ability to securely manage the login credentials to your cPanel and WordPress back end is also a very important feature to consider when shopping for a WordPress Hosting provider.

Customer Support

In very many cases, especially to beginner and intermediate users of WordPress, issues arise that they are unable to solve. In that case, the best place to get quick help is from your WordPress Hosting provider. Therefore, before signing up with a hosting provider, make sure they provide 24-hour support throughout the year through all or at least two of the following support channels; email, phone or real-time chat.


There are two entities that are best placed to offer the most sincere and reliable recommendation concerning the best WordPress Hosting Providers. The first one is WordPress.org, the company that develops the WordPress platform, and the second one is the users and owners of WordPress sites.

WordPress.org is the official developer of the WordPress platform. Therefore, any hosting provider they recommend must be perfect for WordPress hosting. This is because WordPress.org takes the hosts through thorough and rigorous tests to determine which one serves their users best. As of now, they recommend only three WordPress hosting providers. We have managed to test two of them and we found them perfect for WordPress Hosting.

The opinion of users and owners of WordPress sites and blogs is varied. They recommend a large number of good WordPress hosting providers. Since I can’t list all the companies recommended by all the WordPress users who’s opinions we came across, we settled on the two of them that are highly recommended by users and owners of WordPress websites and are at the same time recommended by WordPress.org and are also tested by us and proven to be perfect for WordPress hosting.

At the beginning of this article, I promised to give you a list of the two WordPress Hosting companies recommended by WordPress.org as I mentioned above. Below are their names and links to their websites.

Recommended WordPress Hosting Providers

  1. BLUEHOST – Click HERE to visit Bluehost’s official website.
  2. DREAMHOST – Click HERE to visit DreamHost’s official website.

Below is another set of links to websites that provide highly rated WordPress products that extend the capability of WordPress and make it more powerful.

The first one is WordPress.com, a company that gives free and paid hosting plans for WordPress blogs and websites. With their plans, you don’t have to download or install anything, or even manage your web server, they do all that for you.

The second one is WooCommerce that which is a free eCommerce plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It adds to WordPress the capability to manage inventory and securely carry out financial transactions online.

The third one is Jetpack, a toolkit for WordPress that provides you with everything you need to design, secure, and grow your site.

The fourth one is WP Job Manager, a lightweight plugin that adds job board functionality to your WordPress site.

Below are the links;

  1. WordPress.com – Click HERE to visit the WordPress.com website
  2. WooCommerce – Click HERE to visit WooCommerce
  3. Jetpack – Click HERE to visit the Jetpack website
  4. WP Job Manager – Click HERE to visit the WP Job Manager website.

I have also listed links to WordPress.com sites that offer products that are highly rated in the WordPress community, for example, the Jetpack toolkit and WooCommerce for your eCommerce needs.

I have also included a list of providers of free and premium themes that we tested on WordPress hosted with Bluehost and Dreamhost and found them suitable for the job.

Recommended Free WordPress Themes Providers

  1.  AThemes – Click HERE to visit ATheme’s Free Themes Section

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes Providers

  1. AThemes – Click HERE to visit ATheme’s Premium Themes Section

We have come to the end of this article. Thank you for reading it and I hope the information I have provided will help you to choose the best WordPress Hosting for your website or blog.

See you in the next article.